Important to have healthy drinking water cups

The human body needs a lot of water, and we generally drink water to supply the loss of water in the body. Health science always emphasizes the importance of drinking water. However, drinking water is for health, so drinking water also have healthly way. However, people often use disposable paper cups or plastic bottles when they are outside. Are these cups healthy?

Important to have healthy drinking water cups.

1. Disposable cups or having hidden potential carcinogens

Disposable paper cups only seem to be hygienic and convenient. In fact, the product qualification rate cannot be judged, whether it is clean and hygienic, and it cannot be recognized by human eyes. From an environmental point of view, disposable cups should be used as little as possible. Some paper cups’ manufacturers add a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent to make the bottle look white. But this kind of fluorescent substance can make the cells mutate, and once it enters the human body, it becomes a potential carcinogenic factor. Secondly, those unqualified paper cups are generally soft, easy to deform after pouring into water, and some paper cups are poorly sealed. The bottom of the bottle is easy to seep, which makes it easy for hot water to burn your hands. What's more, when you gently touch the inside of the paper cups with your hand, you can feel the fine powder on it, and the touch of the finger will turn white. This is a typical inferior paper bottle.

2.Using Metal bottles drink coffee dissolve easily

Metal bottles, such as stainless steel, are more expensive than ceramic bottles. The metal element contained in the enamel bottle composition is generally stable under normal conditions, but it may be dissolved in an acidic environment, and it is not safe to drink acidic drinks such as coffee or orange juice. The most easiest to have dirt in plastic bottles Ordinary plastic bottles should also be an unpopular. Because plastics are often added with plasticizers, which contain some toxic chemicals, when using hot water or boiling water in plastic bottles, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into water, and the internal microstructure of plastics has many pores. It hides dirt, and it is easy to come into bacteria when it is not cleaned. Therefore, when purchasing plastic bottles, be sure to select water bottles made of food grade plastics that meet national standards, and use low-grade plastic products with caution. The most safest drinking water bottleGlass In all the bottles of the material, the glass is the healthiest material. The glass does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process. When people use glass to drink water or drink other beverages, they need not worry about the chemicals being drunk, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean.It’s hard for bacteria and dirt to come into on the side of the glass,so people use glass to drink water is the healthiest and safest way.However, although the glass does not contain chemicals and is easy to clean, it is easy to cause the user to accidentally burn himself because of the high thermal conductivity of the glass. If the water temperature is too high, the bottle may burst and the hot water should be avoided.

Colorless glazed ceramic bottle Drinking water is preferred to choose ceramic bottles painted without color glaze, especially if the side of bottle is colorless. Not only material safety, high temperature resistance, but also relatively good insulation effect, drinking hot water or drinking tea is a good choice. In order to be healthy, drinking water need to choose the right bottle, beware of the water bottle causing disease damage. Glass and ceramic bottles are preferred for indoor using, and plastic bottles should use meet national standards on outdoors, which is easy to carry ,much lighter. At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning of the bottle, deep dirt removal, it can not be simply cleaned.

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